Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 4

Today I attended two workshops: one on Podcasts and one on Study Island. Every time I go to a new mini-workshop, I realize all the resources I am not using, or at best under using. I think the first step for me will be to use podcasts for personal purposes in order to become comfortable with them this summer. I am then contemplating making “book on tape” podcasts. I can see how making these for even my youngest students might be valuable. I also think that students would enjoy hearing their own voices reading. This could also be powerful for parents to enjoy. I will have to think about it. With regard to the workshop, I really enjoyed learning about how podcasts could be used in the secondary classroom. I was very impressed with some of the end products!!

I am already familiar with Study Island. That being said, I enjoyed learning about the new capabilities of the software. However, Study Island is not available to the level of students I teach at Doyon, so I was a little frustrated that I was learning about a tool that I could not use. Perhaps in the future, Doyon will subscribe to a more extensive membership. I do think there is much potential for the program (especially for my students who need a great deal of reinforcement with basic skills). I loved the opportunities for differentiation.

Overall, as I have stated before, I have been very impressed by the tools that this course has allowed me to learn about, try out, and apply in functional ways. I am excited to use the wiki Debbie and I are in the middle of constructing with the TAs at Doyon. I am also looking forward to expanding my website to include more information that I feel will be beneficial to students and parents.

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